The Fruits of Hard Work and A Little Dirt


This past weekend I spent a whole afternoon working on my favorite pastime…..gardening. Lucky for me, I got to garden with Stephen (my hubby), and my dad whom we were creating the garden for. Now this isn’t  the flower garden you may be thinking about, yes, I love flowers, but for some reason when I plant vegetables and they start to grow, I feel a sense of accomplishment! So we went to the local Feed Store and picked up seeds for lettuce, cucumber, squash, carrots,wala wala sweet onions, and regular white onions. Now normally I can restrain myself from buying more than I planned…..but my downfall came when dad and I saw the tomato plants. We bought 5. And interestingly enough, I didn’t recognize any of the plant names. So take a look at the pictures and leave a comment if you know or have had these kinds of tomatos, let me know how they grow, how big they get, and what they look like. It would be a shame to lose 5 tomato plants! So wish me luck on the gardening. Hopefully, this summer you will see pictures of me cooking with groceries from the garden! 🙂






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