The Little Hearts That Make Mine Whole


So I’ve given you an introduction of myself, who I am and what I do…..but I have yet to tell you about the critters that help make me…well ….me!   We all have them….a critter or two that stumble into our lives, help us to become better human beings….and every so often remind us, that we need them just as much as they need us! So without further ado ……

The original trouble maker and boy genius…..


MAGNUM – My male English Springer Spaniel. A dog with the intelligence of a 6 yr old human and the heart of an angel. He never begs, herds cats into fence corners, makes mom chase after him into oceans, and is always up for a night of cuddling….as long as you don’t mind him taking all the covers. He is 4 years old and acts like he is 2. As much as he loves his dad(Stephen), he will always be a momma’s boy!

Next up is the ever grouchy and very stubborn….


IDGIE – This old girl is a Jack Russel Terrier and if you have ever been around one, you know that there is no telling them how things should be done or when to do them. She is ruler of the dogs and keeper of the humans. Julie (mom in law) is Idgie’s owner and the only one Idgie seems to take seriously around here! Idgie is a frequent sun bather, couch potato, and Care taker of the next dog……


MAHONEY –  Now German Short hair Pointers generally are confident and excitable dogs. When it comes to Mahoney, you can leave out the confident. This sweet girl is scared of her shadow most days. Although, the minute the infamous squirrel shows up on the fence, she is in a trance. Her natural talent for hunting kicks in every time and she will chase anything that moves! Mahoney is smaller than most German short hairs. She was the runt of her litter and only weighs about 36 pounds now as a full grown adult. Mahoney constantly seeks Idgie out for comfort and play time, and Im sure without Idgie….Mahoney would be lost……here is an example.


Our last, but definitely not least, critter, is nothing short of a high maintenance prom queen.


PENELOPE – My 3 yr old Ball python is 4 inches short of 4 feet long and a complete diva! People are either intimidated by her or in awe of her. Most days she sleeps under a log or soaks under the rays of a heat lamp. Throughout the week, we pull her out of her 50 gallon tank so she can join the family. Penelope hates being told what to do and manages to tuck herself into the strangest places….hence the running shoe. 🙂 if she cant find a hiding hole….the top of someones head will always do……


Now you know what makes my heart whole. The critters that help make me…me. You will see me post about them every so often, with funny stories and comments. Thanks for letting me share!


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