Living Off The Grid


Something my husband and I talk about all the time is our future horse and cattle ranch. A dream that we hope, someday to become a reality. We have searched high and low for acreage big enough to hold our dream ranch and still be in our budget. Well thanks to my dad, we found it.  162 acres in Okanagan County, Wa. Its the most beautiful land we have ever seen, perfect for everything we have ever wanted. The catch is…..we would have to live “Off-Grid”. That means we would have to provide our own energy, water source, sewer, all of it. We would not only be ranchers…..we would have to become pioneers. All the luxuries we grew up around, dish washers. air conditioning, clothes dryers, cable TV… would all be a thing of the past. Most people would walk away from the idea laughing. My husband and I, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. To prepare for this type of lifestyle, we have to start learning and living it now. Which means learning to can foods, researching solar energy, and becoming a jack of all trades. So if anyone out there in the world has experience to share, advice to give, or a lesson to teach, I’m all ears! Be it books, websites, magazines,TV shows, anything! Point me in the direction and I will forever be grateful!


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