Rainy Adventures


Over the summer, my Dad’s family goes on vacation to the same mountain lake every year. And every years the weather is amazing, perfect for swimming, fishing, and my absolute favorite, story telling by the fire! Unfortunately, this summer was different. The heavens poured down rain all day, every day, for the duration of the trip. But, because we are who we are, we made the best of it. Leaky tarps, tents, and coats didn’t dampen our spirits one bit! And we even managed to make my Dad’s famous Mulligan Stew! Yummmm!

Hopefully these rain soaked pictures give you smile!


the clouds in the beginning of our drive should have been a good warning sign!


Stephens feelings about the rain couldn’t be more obvious ha ha 🙂


My favorite way to make coffee!


Thank goodness my husband has a good ranch truck to carry firewood!


My uncle is a goof ball!


My husband and my Dad getting to work unloading firewood.


Beer cuzis  aren’t just good for keeping beer cold, they keep coffee hot too!


My uncle teaching Stephen how to start a fire, caveman style! Go men! ha ha


Interesting that the dog was the driest of us all!


After ten minutes of work, they finally got the fire smoking!




Me and my fishing buddy! Turns out, Magnum is better at catching them than I am!


My husband working hard!

Well i hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Family is where the heart lies, and no matter the weather, nothing can keep family apart!


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