Monthly Archives: February 2014

Oh How The Time Flies!


Hello friends!

its been quite some time since Ive blogged, and a lot has happened. Stephen joined the United States Air Force and is currently in Basic training. Basic training lasts 8 1/2 to 10 weeks and Stephen is currently in week 6. And holy cow let me tell you! I miss my husband!

But during a very difficult and emotional time, Ive found ways to stay busy! Working out, reading, cleaning, cooking, and more working out! Stephen has been extremely successful in basic, he has been Element leader from day 1 and is on the Blue (honor) track for physical training!

I’m so proud of him! The whole family is proud! His graduation is in 2 and a half weeks and you can bet that ill be posting tons of pictures of this event!!

On a side note, I have acquired 3 new country style cook books and am super excited to try out some recipes. so im making a grocery list and heading out the door!

see y’all soon!!