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My Love, My Airman, My Hero


I am so pleased to say that my husband is officially out of basic training! He made expert marksman and from day 1 they made him a squad leader. His graduation was a very proud moment! Stephen is now onto tech school in Virginia, which will last till mid to late June.
Stephen was blessed with the job he wanted so badly. He is a Crew Chief on a UH-60 (black hawk helicopter). On top of that lucky note, we will be stationed in the southwest, Arizona or Nevada. Both bases we are extremely pleased to get! Its also a blessing because we will be close to family!
The Big Guy upstairs is definitely looking out for us 🙂

On a side note, I’ve acquired some new cookbooks and I’m super excited to grocery shop at the local commissary and share these recipes with you!
As soon as I’m healthy of course.
Yes, yet again I am sick! But on the bright side I get to talk to my husband everyday and that is a cure in itself!

Here are some pictures from Stephen’s graduation! I hope y’all enjoy!


From the left: Jordan (big brother) , Stephen (handsome SOB) , Brandon (Best Friend)

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