From Desert to Tropical Island : A Backyard Project


Well I have to say it…… I am THE worst blogger ever.
I dont know many awesome bloggers that go over 6 months without posting something.
So I am creating a belated New Years resolution!
This year I am going to blog more often!!
And Im going to start with my back yard!

Just to be frank…its bone dry. The soil here is rock hard and unless you have unlimited amounts of water (the columbia river might work), grass tends to die here.

By here, I mean Tucson, Arizona.
My hubby and I got lucky enough to be based in this beautiful state.
No sarcasm here! The sunsets look like paintings, the smell of desert sage after a monsoon is a slice of heaven, and the wildlife is absolutely fascinating!

So back to the story at hand!!

My cowboy and I live on the local airforce base, in a nice home, with a decent sized back yard.
Most bases are pretty strict about what you do to your yards, but this base will let you landscape if it improves the value of the home!

So my goal is to take my back yard of rock hard desert dirt and turn it into my own tropical oasis!!

Im posting the before pictures today, and as I do more, I will post more pictures! Hope you guys enjoy!







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