My whole life there has always been this girl. There’s this girl, this crazy colorful girl, and everywhere I go, she is always next to me. My conscience, my therapist, my ray of sunshine, my very own personal comedian, but most of all, my best friend. She holds the highest rank in my life.
Her name is Patricia. You will never here me call her that. Since we were kids, she has always been Trishy.
She is my little sister and my big sister at the same time. She is my best friend, and my right hand. Words cannot properly describe her.
Since we were kids, she has been my protector. Standing up to bullies even though she was smaller. Her quick wit and sarcasm was a powerful weapon when she was 6 years old.  Its a nuclear weapon now that she has honed that talent at 22 years old.
Her sarcasm always makes me laugh, even more so when the person at the other end of it doesn’t understand.
She has a “whatever” attitude with a side of Jim Carrey hilarity.
She is in every memory I possess.
From childhood to present day she has effected my life in such a powerful way.
Without her, my life would be dull.
To truly know me, you would have to know her.
She is the most beautiful, colorful person I know.
I gotta say, I’m the luckiest girl on earth to be able to not only call her my best friend, but my sister.






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